Questions And Answers About Children, Families And The Law

At The Odeneal Firm in Lawrenceburg, we are here to help clients find answers to questions and solutions to legal problems involving children and those who care for them. Here are a few common questions we often hear — and previews to answers ready to be customized to individual circumstances.

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I am an aunt, uncle, grandparent or stepparent with an ongoing nurturing relationship with a child in my family — often filling the usual role of a parent. How will I know when I need to pursue legal action in support of my role and the child's well-being?

The fact that you are asking this question is a good sign the time may be now. No matter what the circumstances of the parents, when you regularly assume parental responsibilities, you may need legal standing sooner or later.

Do you need to take the child to the doctor? Enroll him or her in school? Go to progress update conferences at school? Register the child for extracurricular activities such as baseball or ballet lessons? Accompany him or her on a flight?

In these and similar situations, you may need a legal means such as a power of attorney, guardianship, foster parent standing, custody or adoption. Explore your options with a lawyer's help.

How can I best prepare for court where my child's custody or adoption will be determined?

What an excellent question that shows your commitment and thoughtfulness. Discussing your matter with an experienced family law attorney is an important first step. Your case will likely include testimony from social support professionals such as counselors or child psychologists.

I would be glad to give you tips on how to select the most appropriate professionals for your family matter and how to solicit the input you will need. Together, we can position you for successful completion of your goals.

I'm not sure what legal solution exists for my family's unique situation, but I know we need help.

Asking the right questions will help lead you to the right legal remedies and answers for your child-and-family situation. Let me help explore your needs and options in an initial consultation with no further obligation.

Ask Your Own Questions.

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