Building Families Through Surrogacy And Other Forms Of Alternative Reproduction

The process of starting a family is one that comes with a lot of emotions. For some, it can be a joyful and exciting time. For others, it may come with more frustration and heartbreak than you expected. Infertility or other factors may lead to consideration of alternative reproduction pathways.

Considering alternatives for starting a family naturally leads to practical and legal questions. You will have your own questions, as well as questions from friends and family. The Odeneal Firm can help you find answers for alternatives such as:

  • Surrogacy
  • Finding an egg or sperm donor
  • Embryo implantation

Finding the appropriate resources and information can be difficult. I can help you find reputable surrogacy agencies and donor banks that can assist you on your path to starting and building a nurturing family.

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The Surrogacy Relationship

Creating a surrogacy relationship is one that can feel both exciting and challenging. On one hand, you may have found a person who has agreed to carry your child, so it feels like they work for you. On the other hand, as she is helping you realize a very precious dream, she will become very involved in your life through the process.

As you consider the surrogacy process, a surrogate is someone you will have a close and unique relationship with. Since she will be caring for your child before he or she is born, you will want regular contact so you know how the pregnancy is going.

It is important for both you and the surrogate to have clear expectations about the process and what comes after the baby is born. I can help you understand your legal rights and what expectations you can have of a surrogate mother.

Perhaps you are considering acting as a surrogate mother and need practical and legal guidance. I am here for you, too.

Get Surrogacy Answers From An Experienced Lawyer In TN

Talking to an attorney throughout the process of surrogacy or alternative reproduction is important. To learn more about surrogacy and alternative reproduction in Tennessee, contact me online or call 931-228-0151.

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