When Parenting Is A Shared Responsibility

Sharing parental responsibilities is rarely easy — especially between two households. It requires trust and patience for both parties. Developing the trust and patience required to share parenting responsibilities can require concentrated effort. While you may both want what is best for your child, you may not always agree on what that should look like and how to agree on your role in that.

No matter what custody options are on the table, you want what is best for your child. I am attorney Stacie Odeneal and that is what I want, too. The Odeneal Firm can help you understand the options available in your unique situation in Tennessee. I have helped parents with a variety of situations and solutions, including:

  • Establishing paternity
  • Terminating parental rights of unfit or uninvolved parents
  • Negotiating parenting plans spelling out parenting time arrangements (child custody and visitation)
  • Clarifying parental contributions to children's success (including child support)
  • Facilitating communication between biological parents and foster or adoptive parents
  • Establishing (or transitioning out of) guardianship arrangements
  • Forming surrogacy agreements

There are many factors to determine who a child will live with and the level of responsibility each caregiving adult will have in a shared parenting arrangement. A knowledgeable attorney can help you come up with a solution that will help you and your changing family move forward.

To learn more about creative shared parenting solutions, call my Lawrenceburg office at 931-228-0151.

Modifying An Agreement

Often, there needs to be a change in the arrangements that was made in the original shared parenting agreement. Circumstances change, and it may require some flexibility from everyone to find a new, workable arrangement.

A custody order or co-parenting agreement is not permanent. As children grow and family situations evolve, changes can come from either parent, the child or another family member who would like to pursue a different solution.

A skilled family well-being lawyer can help you understand the options that are available and what steps you need to take to move forward. I understand that your family is always growing and changing, and I can help you modify an old agreement to fit your new situation.

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