When Grandparents Or Other Extended Family Members Seek Custody Or Adoption

It's often difficult for the whole family when biological parents are unable to care for their children. In some cases, the parents are deceased, and grandparents, aunts, uncles, siblings or cousins need advice on how to become legal guardians or adopt a child or children. The Odeneal Firm in central Tennessee is a valuable resource for extended family members in such cases.

Intrafamily Guardianship, Custody Or Adoption In The Best Interests Of The Child

Parents may be living but unable to provide the best care for their offspring because of illness, incarceration, military service or addiction. Whatever the circumstances, it may still be difficult for absentee or unfit parents to make decisions in the best interests of the child. Legal counsel becomes important for all parties.

As a grandparent who has a more objective view of what needs to be done, you may see a difficult path ahead. You may not know when to intervene or what to do when your child resists your offers to step in to help. The Odeneal Firm can help you understand how to move forward with a legal solution such as adoption.

An Invitation To Grandparents Ready To Take The Next Step

I am attorney Stacie Odeneal, ready to assist you with the process of seeking custody or adopting a grandchild. I have helped many Tennessee families through similar matters and can help you find a solution to your unique situation. As a grandmother or grandfather raising a grandchild, you may realize your need for legal standing to enroll the child in school, take them to see doctors and otherwise protect and guide them through all aspects of life.

Call 931-228-0151 to request an appointment in my Lawrenceburg office.

Knowing When Legal Action Is Appropriate

Your parental role in the life of a grandchild may start with a series of sleepovers and extended stays when your grandchild's parents are having a difficult time, or you may have a child who is suddenly deployed and unable to care for the child while overseas. As a family law attorney, I can evaluate your situation and help you explore ways to:

  • Pursue a custody order
  • Seek guardianship
  • Become a foster parent of your grandchild
  • Move toward the adoption process

There is no one-size-fits-all solution. I can help you consider alternative pathways to legal standing as the primary responsible, care-giving adult in your grandchild's life.

Start Getting Answers

Talking to a lawyer as soon as possible about grandparent custody, guardianship or adoption will help ensure you have the most options available to you. To learn more, contact me online or call my TN office at 931-228-0151.

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